A multi-color Souvenir consisting of Abstracts, Articles and Advertisements will be brought out on the occasion of the World Congress. Those who are interested to publish their abstracts and articles in the Souvenir may send their papers to the Chairman Scientific Committee. Registration is compulsory for those authors who would like to contribute to the Souvenir.

Souvenir and Flex Banners

  1. Multi-color Full Back cover page (Reserved)

  2. Multi-color Full Front inside Cover Page                       25,000/- 

  3. Multi-color Full Back inside Cover Page                       20,000/- 

  4. Multi-color Full page                                                      15,000/-

  5. Multi-color Half page                                                        8000/-

  6. Black & White Full page                                                   6000/-

  7. Black & White Half Page                                                  4000/-

  8. Flex Banner at the entrance gate                                     10,000/-

  9. Flex Banner inside the Main Auditorium                       10,000/-

  10. Flex Banner outside the Auditorium                                 5000/-

Exhibition Stalls

(For 2 days)

  1. Large Size Stall                                                                    30,000/-

  2. Small Size Stall                                                                     15,000/-


Sponsorships are welcome. Persons, Organizations and Companies willing to Sponsor Lunch / Dinner / Cultural Programs / Conference Bags etc. may please contact the Chairman / Secretary organizing Committee for full details